League Announces PolicyAid As New Dues Supported Service — 12/11/13

Credit union CEOs, HR Managers, and Compliance Specialists in need of online-real time access to policies and compliance updates will now have an additional resource when tracking down answers. PolicyWorks, a trusted partner to numerous Leagues throughout the U.S., has teamed up with the West Virginia League to provide a new dues supported service to all League member credit unions.

“We are very pleased to offer this service at no additional cost to credit unions,” stated League President Ken Watts. “The arrangement with PolicyWorks has been in the planning and implementation stage for some time and we are excited about rolling it out to credit unions before year-end.”

The new service will provide credit unions online access to over 70 sample policies that can be customized, and to regular communication updates on compliance matters.

Sign-up Now

In order to sign up for the program, the League will be asking for a name listing of two (maximum) credit union administrators, plus the email addresses of any additional users who will be logging on to a secured log-in page at

Watts indicated that many League member credit unions have had some previous exposure to PolicyWorks already, noting that PolicyWorks compliance attorney Andrea Stritzke has spoken at League hosted compliance conferences.

For additional information contact Keith Rhodes ( at the League office.