League Services Corporation

There are certain areas of the League's operations that do not fall into the defined categories of dues supported services. For this reason, the West Virginia League Services Corporation (LSC) was formed in 1969. The LSC has become a valuable component of League operations by offering services to League member credit unions.

The West Virginia League Services Corporation , as an affiliate of the West Virginia Credit Union League, provides fee-based services, either directly or through endorsements, to meet the on going business needs of credit unions, while maintaining its long term financial stability.

Data Processing Consulting: The LSC works closely with credit unions utilizing endorsed vendor data processing services. This support gives credit unions an accessible resource for questions and problems in addition to the vendor’s support service, and enables credit unions to more completely analyze their data processing needs and upgrade their systems when necessary.

CUNA Mutual Group: These affiliated organizations' services inclued products ghrough CUNA Mutual Gorup and a complete array of services including: Calendar Sales, Deposit Account Form Sales, Loanliner Forms, Spectrum ATM Sales, IRA's, Major Equipment Sales, Operational Forms Sales, Promotional Product Sales, Share Drafts, Student Loans, and TEAM Marketing Sales.

Education & Training: The LSC, in partnership with certain endorsed vendors, provides special training programs to member credit unions including, but not limited to, IRA workshops, mortgage seminars, and various chapter meeting training sessions.

Supervisory Committee Assistance Program: One of the most popular programs provided by the LSC is that of assisting supervisory committees with their required annual audits. This program satisfies all legal requirements of the Supervisory Committee for both federal and state chartered credit unions and is staffed by individuals well-versed in the operation of credit unions of all sizes. The fee is greatly lower than that of a CPA or accounting firm and provides a much more detailed report for the board to review. LSC staff also provides Automated Clearing House (ACH) Annual Reviews, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Annual Reviews, Related Party Account Reviews, Interim Internal Auditing, Surprise Cash Count Verifications, Loan Reviews, Election Ballot Tabulation, Account Verifications (Biannual and Closed Accounts), General Ledger Reconciliations, Internal Control Reviews, Fraud Reviews (Bond Claim Documentation and Forensic Accounting), and change of Key Personnel Reviews.

Product Marketing Assistance: Upon the implementation of new services or already established ones, the LSC can assist credit unions in increasing their share in the market through strategic activity planning.