League Offers Free Updated Staff Salary Report Download — 12/21/20

2020-21 Report offers data and job descriptions for CUs under $50 million in assets

For the seventh consecutive year, League member credit unions will again have free and full access via download to a new staff salary survey data that will help them plan for the future. The updated report comes through a special group licensing arrangement with CUNA. The report has a retail price of $275.00 if purchased directly from CUNA.

The 2020-2021 CUNA Staff Salary Report is designed exclusively for credit unions with $50 million or less in assets. Credit unions may use data, along with the report's job descriptions to develop a successful salary program. The report also includes a benchmarking tool contains salary data from credit unions nationwide for full-time and part-time positions.

This year’s report includes data on nearly 50 full-time and several part-time positions in small credit unions, and contains a multiplier to make standard of living calculations.

“Since many of our credit unions are under $50 million in assets, offering the free download again is a good use of League resources, and a valuable source determining salaries and employee benchmarks,” stated League President Ken Watts. Watts noted that 10 West Virginia League member credit unions voluntarily participated in the national survey.

This report provides statistics on base salaries, incentives, bonuses, total cash compensation, and salary ranges for the most common positions in small credit unions. Credit union managers will be able to make meaningful comparisons, because the report displays results by asset size, region, number of full-time employees, number of services offered, number of members, and total amount of loans outstanding at the credit union.

The 575-page e-report is available for download from the League’s web site at and clicking on the Salary Survey banner ad, or looking under the Publications/Member Publications tab.

Registration on the League’s web site is required before downloading.

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